Coming to Atlanta - Web Directions North

At this point it isn't breaking news, but Web Directions North will be happening in Atlanta Sept 21st - 25th. This marks the first time this conference will be held in the United States and it's happening right here in our backyard!  Several weeks ago I was fortunate enough to run into one of the organizers, John Allsopp, while he was in town scouting out the location and making arrangements for the conference.  Sounds like a alot of great stuff is planned and it's definitely worth consideration if you are in the Atlanta area!

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Stephanie (Sullivan) Rewis Actually, it's not the first time in the US. It was in Denver last year (and just over the border in Vancouver the year before). :)

Regardless, it's shaping up to be a great time. Check out the AMP'd hack day after too—it's free! I'm betting I'll see you there... :)
Cameron Childress Thanks for the correction Stephanie! I'm going to try to make some of the days, but a friend's wedding is currently trumping the Saturday festivities for me. I'll be around when I can though!

See you there!

Cameron Childress Stephanie - Actually, I don't see Denver listed in the event's history:

Vancouver a few times, but no Denver...

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