cf.Objective Talk - Small Business Ownership for Geeks

I've posted my cf.Objective() talk, Small Business Ownership for Geeks for download in PowerPoint, Keynote, and PDF formats.

The official session description is:

"Doing side projects?  Contract work?  Freelance?  Should you be a Sole Proprietor, LLC, or S Corp?  How do you handle your accounting?  What about legal issues and contracts?  Do you need a business license?  Should you be a W2 employee or 1099 contractor?  What the heck is a 1099 anyway?  If you are currently a small business owner or thinking about becoming one, this session will  give you a crash course in the issues and pitfalls you may face."

The slides don't have many notes (sorry), but hopefully it will be a helpful reference for those who attended the talk.

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Doug Edwards Appreciate you posting this ahead of time. Looks interesting. Might can attend even though Atlanta Bloggers Meetup is tonight. I've seen other local presentations on this subject at local church-based job networking events (like at the DUMC Career Ministry).


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